About us

The father Peter Matyšák, his wife Katarína, son Marek, and daughter Kristína. An authentic family company that increased the number of Slovak wine producers from back in 1989.


Several years later we also delved into the gastronomy sector by opening the restaurant Vinum Galeria Bozen. It is located in a protected winery building that is more than 300 years old, situated on Holubyho street in Pezinok. Every day, this exclusive gastronomical facility offers its guests fresh gastronomical experiences of Slovak origin and with a Slovak character, and the head chef Tibor Samaranský isn’t afraid to take inspiration from abroad either. Tibor Samaranský is actively involved in the Gourmet club, and thanks to that he keeps working on himself, bringing new observations and trophies from various competitions within the country and from abroad. The fact that Slovak cuisine and its traditions can be served in a tasty and attractive way was also confirmed by reviewers from the weekly publication ‘Trend’, which gave the restaurant four stars. They highlighted the menu, fresh products made on-site (own organic vegetables, production of meat and baked goods) and also the serving and aesthetics of the meals. Reviewers from the magazine recommended their readers to visit the establishment because Vinum Galéria Bozen restaurant embodies the Lesser Carpathians region.